Why Choose Us?

You’re happy where you live and you want to stay, but the prospect of renovating with unknown costly surprises lurking beyond the walls and floor seems daunting. Then there’s the layout of the existing house constraining your design ideas, plus the inconvenience to your family while the works are carried out. The idea of renovating or extending just isn’t stacking up. In most cases, the cost of renovating and extending your old home will exceed the cost of a brand new, custom designed, energy efficient home.

So after weighing up the options, you’ve decided to Knockdown and Rebuild. You can now have the home of your dreams without design constraints and unnecessary expense. But who do you trust? Which builder is best suited to your requirements? You don’t want to be “locked in” without choice. You need unbiased expert advice. You need Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne.

Working with Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne means you have an expert on your side. We have years of experience and knowledge you can only gain through managing these kinds of unique projects. We will manage all of your permits, guide you so that you avoid unnecessary complications or delays, and be there with you throughout each site inspection to ensure your build journey is as seamless as possible.

Best of all, our service is cost neutral, so you have the benefit of all of our years of experience, at no extra cost to you!

Chat to us today to learn how we can assist on the journey towards the home of your dreams.