How Can Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne Assist Builders?

Builders embarking on Knockdown Rebuild (KDR) projects, need to source a daunting amount of information and site investigation to successfully determine what can be built on a subject site.

Just some of the info and tasks required are

  • Title Search and Plan of Subdivision, Planning scheme requirements/Council overlays, Covenants and Section 173 agreements
  • Council stormwater legal point of discharge location and adequacy investigation, Sewer and Water information, Depths and offsets of pipes, Connection and discharge locations, Potential requirement for septic or effluent treatment plants
  • Council property building Regulation 326 certificate, Melbourne Water flood level information certificate
  •  Feature survey of the site, Contoured levels to Australian Height Datum, Boundary Re-Establishment survey to ensure there are no impeding encroachments onto the subject site from any adjoining properties, Soil investigation report and foundations information, Tree root protection requirements, Wind speed rating for appropriate bracing design consideration
  • Sketch designs that comply with the outcomes of the information above, Drafting of working drawings, Energy rating assessments, Bushfire Attack Level assessment
  •  Geotechnical engineering for footing designs, Structural engineering for beam nomination and bracing design, Civil engineering for adequate stormwater detention and management to councils’ satisfaction
  • Electricity provision via overhead cable, underground pit or shared metering. Single phase or 3-phase, Ascertaining other essential services such as low or high pressure natural gas, LPG, telephone, optical network, recycled water etc
  •  Dilapidation inspections of adjoining properties and council assets prior to commencement of construction

Builders need to source and pay for this information just to be in a position to provide an estimate for the project. Additionally, the builder himself, his administration staff and his sales consultant will spend hours obtaining the information and more importantly, reading and understanding the info to determine what can actually be built.

Oversights and/or errors can be extremely costly. If an issue could reasonably have been known by the builder prior to commencing work, then any extra cost should be borne by the builder. Margins in building are tight enough without having to deal with any unforeseen surprises along the way, potentially causing a significant loss of profit.

Building companies derive income and profit by reaching construction stage claims – not spending countless hours deciphering technical information to produce a design not only to satisfy council requirements, but also to meet the expectation of the client. To successfully manage the client’s expectation throughout this process, a builder deals with it himself, or he has a sales consultant on his team which also comes at a cost.

So why not engage an expert to help at no additional cost?

Costly unforeseen mistakes or omissions are often made by builders who are not fully aware of all the challenges when building in the KDR or urban space. Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne will assist you and your client achieve a compliant project design, either based from your standard design or custom designed to your satisfaction and usual inclusions. We will assist your client in compiling the correct intellectual property that will give you the best chance of building the project without margin loss.

What are the benefits?

  • Rather than the client paying a fee to the builder, they engage Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne to obtain the required information and create the intellectual property the builder needs to produce a building contract for the client
  •  The Builder would have paid third party providers and administration staff at least the value of Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne’s fee to obtain the information. When quoting the project, the builder either discounts the value of our fee from the quotation, or retains the value of our fee in the quote and rebates that amount back to the client directly
  • The Builder then pays Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne a further referral fee in lieu of paying sales staff retainers and commissions for the procurement the project and management of the client through to contract stage
  • The Builder and the client both have an expert on their side, assisting each to achieve their desired outcomes at no additional cost
  • We can help with single dwellings, dual occupancies and sub-divisions
  • Great client/Builder relationships are created and maintained through our independent advocacy

Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne is a company with more than 15 years’ experience in the building industry that prides itself on honesty and integrity.

What does the client’s engagement fee cover?

Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne’s consultancy service from engagement through design, costing and assisting clients to peruse and sign the builders’ contract.

The cost of the following information is also included:

  • Geotechnical Site Investigation Report (soil test) and wind speed rating
  • Feature Site Survey of the land and adjoining neighbours
  • Council Property Information
  • Essential Services Connections Information (availability/adequacy)
  • Dilapidation Inspections (council assets & both adjoining neighbours’ buildings)
  •  3x Independent quality assurance inspections and reports (window and door frame installation, plaster stage and pre-handover) from ABI Services
  • Frame Stage discussion and advice (Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995)
  • Pre-Handover discussion and advice (Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995)
  • Additional costs apply for custom designs, architectural drafting, planning/other permits, engineering, energy rating and BAL reports

What does the Builders’ referral fee cover?

The client’s engagement fee is mostly used to purchase information and reports. The builder’s referral fee provides Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne with operating remuneration. The referral fee represents value to the builder by

  • Providing the Builder with a “ready to build” file
  • Saving the builder on administration and sales staff costs
  • Saving the builder time by not having to deal with councils and the client throughout the preliminary stages
  • Great client/builder relationships are created and maintained through our independent advocacy

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